Mark Swindells
Area Manager, Cheshire East Highways

“2012 was our first time working with Velocity but it was a very positive experience, so much so that we started our 2013 Velocity programme in the first weeks of January. We combined our local knowledge with Velocity’s expertise to successfully carry out a significant programme of repairs.

“Velocity does what it says on the tin. They make permanent pothole repairs very successfully. What really impressed me about them was when I met the team manning the vehicles, it was clear that their operatives were very experienced and knowledgeable in their field. That meant we could rely on them to get on with their task with limited supervision. I would certainly recommend them.”

Steve Rivers
Highway District Manager, Kent County Council

“Our Highways team has been using Velocity’s process across the county for a number of years. Over this time, a greater understanding of the process and its benefits has allowed it to be targeted to work effectively, to provide long term and durable repairs to the rural road network.

“This type of repair can be carried out quickly, reducing disruption to traffic and I believe it is a valuable addition to our toolkit.”

David Blackburn
Recycling Manager, Dorset Highways

“We first trialled Velocity technology in 2009. That very quickly turned into a more permanent use of the technology. It was immediately clear that their technology could save us so much money compared to conventional hot repairs that we could not afford to ignore it.

“We have a wide range of tools in the box when it comes to road repairs, but for a rural county like ours Velocity are the absolutely perfect solution in terms of good value for money and a long-lasting solution to potholes.

“Until we took on Velocity’s expertise, the backlog of defects was overwhelming. Thanks to Velocity, we’ve never had a backlog for years.

“Carrying out a repair in a matter of minutes minimises traffic disruptions so Velocity also help with public perception, while I have to say that the carbon savings compared to conventional methods are immense, so the environment is a winner too. Velocity is a real winner for us.”